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Architectural model lighting support

Marmoset now supports model lighting

Marmoset are excited to announce their new internet enabled lighting module.

Marmoset architectural model lighting

This custom hardware takes a new approach to managing lighting controllers within architectural models.

Marmoset’s lighting module has been designed from the ground up to be easy to set up and manage, utilising a unique plug and play approach. This provides a number of unique features:

Full service agreement

Traditionally, servicing lighting has been a hands on task involving an engineer on site. With Marmoset’s full SLA the lighting module is proactively managed as part of Marmoset’s suite of IoT (internet of things).

As soon as you plug in the Marmoset lighting module it will automatically register itself online and become supported by Marmoset.

No network setup

If you’ve ever had issues connecting with your lighting controller over your LAN then you'll love the Marmoset approach. Marmoset’s lighting module has a plug and play setup. It needs no open ports, no port forwarding, no static ip addresses in your network, and no firewall changes.

Marmoset lighting module hardware

Remote config

All configuration for lighting ports is kept in the cloud. This is downloaded and cached on regular intervals, meaning your lighting setup can change at any time with no need to reinstall or have an engineer visit. You can even add new phases with ease all managed through a web browser. 

Accessible anywhere

Due to our IoT approach you can access the lighting module from anywhere and any device. This allows zero setup connections where you can send lighting commands from your laptop, phone or interactive software. This is super handy if you plan on exhibiting, or moving your model. No need to worry about setting up a LAN to set up all the devices at each location, plug in and it just works.

Software agnostic

Obviously our lighting module works great with Marmoset powered apps. However, we’re software agnostic and the lighting module can be set up without a Marmoset app. We’ll provide code snippets, and a dedicated web page to allow you to send lighting commands from any device.

Post by Ryan