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Our features and modules are always growing and improving. See below our standard app features to give you an idea of the range of tools that are at your disposal when selling new houses and apartments.

Property finder

Our property finder tools allow you to immerse home buyers into your property development using CGI visualisations of your overall siteplan or buildings, utilising visual selection of plots directly from the CGI.

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Building and apartment finder

Use CGI building selection and interactive floorplans to explore the buildings on your development. Our visual plot selection tools help to give buyers more context around the positioning of their selected property.

Room configurator

If you are offering home customisation to your off-plan property buyers then our room configurator can provide an interactive way for customers to explore and select their ideal room designs.

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Interactive siteplan

Give your prospective home buyers a visual overview of your development layout whilst also being able to give detailed information about your properties including live availability statuses; plot details and plot finder tools.

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Detailed plot information

Give users all the information they need about your properties. Include full details and dimensions, images, floorplans, 360 tours and more.

Home styles

For housing developments and apartment complexes with a number of homes that have identical or similar specifications we can also group properties into styles. Styles give full details about the plots as well as live availability tables.

Compare mode

Compare properties alongside each other to narrow down the options. Using compare mode you can easily see the full specification, imagery and floorplans of properties alongside each other.

Bespoke interactive brochures

We create digital brochures based on your existing branding and marketing materials. Our brochures work across all devices and screen sizes and can include interactive elements.

Favourites feature

While exploring the app users and sales agents can favourite plots and styles of interest by tapping the heart icon. These are collected on the favourites page and can be shared to view at a later date.

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360 tours, videos and galleries

Display all of the media that shows the very best of your development. Embed your tours, videos images and more in various places across the app.

Explore the local area

Our powerful location maps enable you to show the area surrounding the development. Show various local amenities and points of interest as well as the travel time to each location from the development.

Branded for you 

All of our apps use your existing brand colours, fonts and logo as well as any other visual elements to ensure your app is consistent with your other branded materials.

Sharing the app with forms, email, QR codes and more

Use customisable forms to capture customer details directly from your marketing suite screens as well as using multiple sharing options to 

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Real-time content management system

With all Marmoset apps your content is fully controllable via your bespoke CMS. Simple to use and built from the ground up for property marketing.

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Native kiosk support and fully responsive PWAs

Marmoset is fully responsive and works across all screen sizes. We provide our apps as a native install in your kiosk screens and touch tables as well as providing a progressive web app publishing option, which can be shared and viewed on any device.

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Multiple publishing options

As well as being installed into large touch screens the Marmoset app works across mobile, tablet and desktop devices as a progressive web app.

Fully managed hardware with remote support

Touch screen apps for public spaces lead a hard life. We strongly recommend you opt for our hardware rental solution. Simple installation. Extremely robust. Built for its environment. Guaranteed uptime with your Hardware Service Level Agreement.

Public share links with web friendly URLs

Publishing your app as a PWA (Progressive Web App) allows you to share it to any device using web friendly URLs, as well as downloading the app icon to your device’s home screen for easy access and a more native experience.

Room interactions

We can create a multitude of exciting room interactions for your physical marketing suite, that link in various ways to your Marmoset app. See below a few examples of interactions you could be using to create a more immersive and intriguing experience:

Model lighting and room lighting

Our apps can easily link to your 3D architectural model, prompting parts of the model to light up or move, triggered by interaction with the app. We can also install smart lighting in other areas of your marketing suite to change colour or light up based on various actions.

Context driven screens

Connect your touch screen devices with context driven presentational screens. For example, as users visit a map of your local area using your kiosk screen this could trigger videos showing the local highlights and lifestyle

Physical object triggered interactions

Another option we can provide are screens where actions are triggered by interaction with physical objects in your marketing suite. An example could be a customer picking up or pressing a button next to a flooring sample, which in turn changes the flooring shown on screen within your room CGIs.

Virtual reality

If you're utilising 360 views for your rooms, such as room configurators, interactive 3D siteplans or embedded home tours these can be easily shown through VR headsets in your marketing suite, providing a truly immersive experience.

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