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New: Context driven lighting

We're pleased to announce another illuminating addition to the Marmoset app in the form of context driven lighting.

Context driven lighting allows us to sync your room lighting with various interactions inside the app.

One example of how this can be used is to differentiate different home styles when navigating around the app. As you can see from the video below, the lighting colour changes to match the on-screen colour coding for the selected house style from the site plan. As you continue to navigate around different plots on the site plan the lighting changes colour. This can be kept in sync with home styles, plot availability and many other property features for a truly immersive house selling experience.

Prospective home buyers exploring your property marketing suite will benefit from the the extra visual cue to help them understand what they're seeing, especially when viewing off-plan properties. Another benefit of context driven lighting is that it draws more attention to your touchscreens and entices passers-by to interact.

To ensure lighting transformations are seamless we devised our own low latency communication and a colour tween algorithm to transition between colours smoothly.

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If you’re interested in how context driven lighting could elevate your property marketing experience you can get in touch for your free no obligation demo at:

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Post by Ryan