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Super high resolution interactive siteplan as standard with Marmoset

Crystal clear, super high-res siteplan as standard with Marmoset

When you are offered an interactive siteplan do you consider how it will look when zoomed in? 

At Marmoset we support super high-res interactive siteplans that have 180x more detail than the nearest competitor! This means your site plan looks super crisp and clear, allowing you to zoom in much closer with super sharp detail.

Super high resolution site plans are now a standard Marmoset feature

Unfortunately, even though your CGI team likely modelled the site in perfect detail you might be being let down by your technology in your existing marketing suite rather than wowing with fantastic visuals. 

What do we mean by super high-res? See the diagram below that shows the side by side size differences in assets. The 32k resolution asset will be packing much more detail in your image than the 4k one, and most siteplans once exported for an interactive are still using a measly HD asset!

Resolutions from HD - 32K


Your site plan CGI's are ready to be used at a high resolution, but due to the restraints of technology and load times the assumption is to go for the regular 1920px (HD) as a safe bet. 

Marmoset have built unique technology to allow us to use the full 32K of detail and still load faster than the competition and run on all devices including the web. 

The difference demonstrated below proves how powerful resolution can be when exploring a site plan at a zoomed level:

A crystal clear 32K asset isn't just more pleasing to the eye, its also sharper images that make your development pop, taking your next project from average to exceptional.

The difference in the detail when zoomed in from HD to 32K

Knowing the potential in these assets creating a stunning feature in your marketing suite, might make you realise you are being let down by your technology. When you finally see site plans and elevations at 32k its like a breath of fresh air.  

Want to see this in action or discuss what we can do for your next marketing suite? Book in for a free demo with Ryan. 

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