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New feature: Customisable forms in your Marmoset app

An ever evolving feature set

Just one of the many great things about Marmoset is that we are constantly evolving, and improving our feature set in our digital property marketing app.

Following up potential sales

It's no secret that taking contact details from your potential home buyers, so you can follow up with them, is a pretty vital part of selling your new build properties... So it makes sense to be able to easily take their contact details in your Marmoset app.

Enter custom forms

The Marmoset custom form feature is commonly used by our clients to take potential buyers' details. It allows you to choose form fields or questions specific to your development in your property marketing app. Not only can you can ask your potential buyers for their name and contact details, but you might also want to take note of which property they were particularly interested in, or allow them to add notes.

Available across all devices

Marmoset's customisable form feature can be used in your marketing suite on your interactive touch screen kiosk, or on mobile and tablet devices on your progressive web app, allowing potential buyers to register interest from their homes too.

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