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Enriched interactive site plans with improved navigation and filters

When it comes to site plans for a new site we want to maximise the features and functionality in any way we can to make it the best experience for prospective buyers in the marketing suite.

We have been busy working on improving the site plan, covering what information is available and how it displays.

There are a whole host of new features as detailed below that are all fully customisable by you in the CMS, so no expensive and lengthy design time is needed!

Navigation and Filters
Making it as easy as possible for the perfect home to be found, we have implemented additional site plan features that improve how you can navigate and filter available properties. Filter by status, sale type, style type as well as the usual number of bedrooms etc.

Clearly show all of one house style on the site plan so you can browse the available properties of that type.

Colour Key 
You are able to display availability as well as house style by using colours displayed as colour in the inner and outer rings. A key is displayed explaining the colours meanings, of which you have complete control as it is all customisable from the CMS.

Plot Numbers and Plot Outline
Accurate plot numbers displayed clearly on the roof of each plot. Plot outlines displayed as you click on the property, avoiding any confusion between plots and numbers. 

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If you’d like to see how Marmoset could transform your off-plan property marketing you can book a free no obligation demo, or alternatively please use the contact details below to speak to our team:

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