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Flexible interactive solutions for any property marketing suite

Working with a large range of home builders across the UK, from large nationals to small local developers, we know there's no one-size fits all solution for property marketing suites. That's why Marmoset is built as a flexible solution that can work with a variety of hardware and technologies. Find out more below about some of the options available.

Large dedicated marketing suites

On large sites with dedicated marketing suites the options for interaction are endless. See below some common setups and interactions we provide:

  • Physical model lighting, linked to your interactive screen
  • Multiple context driven screens and touch tables
  • Large free-standing or wall-mounted touch screen kiosks
  • Multiple self-serve mini kiosks

Small sales offices

Don't have a lot of room available for large screens and 3D models? There are a lot of space conservative ways to include an interactive into your sales office, such as:

  • Small free-standing tablet screens; instead of a large touchscreen kiosk use a mounted tablet screen 
  • Desk mounted touch screens; attach a touchscreen to your sales desk as an immersive visual aid for buyers to look at when you meet
  • Wall mounted touch screens; instead of large free-standing kiosks or touchtables, mount your touchscreen vertically on the wall

Show homes

Ever considered turning your show home interactive? Adding an interactive to your show home is a great way to keep prospective buyers immersed in the home setting, allowing agents to present sales materials and an up-to-date availability list while they get a feel for the property. One great way of doing this can be to link your existing TV screens with a handheld touch device to present from. 

Virtual marketing suites

Sometimes a physical marketing suite isn't practical or necessary, that's why our apps work seamlessly across the web as a progressive web app (PWA). Here are some great ways our clients use our PWAs:

  • Sharing links for remote selling to overseas customers to view on any device
  • Easily sharing a list of favourite properties to a prospective buyer after meeting 
  • Sales agents on the go carrying the app downloaded to the home screen of their phone or tablet for easy access
  • Embed part of the app onto your website, such as interactive site plans and apartment finders
  • Use the app as a beautifully branded microsite for your development

Request a free demo

If you’d like to see how Marmoset could work for your development you can book a free no obligation demo, or alternatively please use the contact details below to speak to our team:

01206 489 630

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