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Another successful install: Twickenham Gateway by Solum

Twickenham Gateway by Solum & Kier

With just a few short weeks from start to finish, we are thrilled with our latest digital property marketing app install at Twickenham Gateway by Solum.


  • Interactive masterplan / property finder in the app
  • Schedule / availability table showing property statuses in the app
  • Interactive location feature in the app to explore the surrounding area to the property development
  • Gallery feature in the app to showcase property marketing materials: CGIs, photos, videos
  • Digital interactive brochure in the app to display the property marketing brochure
  • 3D architectural model lighting integration in the app
  • Digital 3D walk-around virtual tour in the app
  • Mirrored app on second screen
  • Progressive web app for property marketing

When a building, floor or plot is selected in the app, the location will light up on the model.

Mirrored screen in use.

Interactive masterplan / property finder feature.

Post by Luke