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Marmoset Air launched in Lawford marketing suite

The evolution of Marmoset Air is being showcased on an impressive development in Lawford Green by Rose Builders. 

Marmoset have delivered a cost effective method to expand Rose Builder's pre sales by incorporating an interactive app in to their existing hardware. 

Requiring simply a TV screen, Marmoset Air allows the sales team to demonstrate the development through an interactive app using just an iPad or any smartphone. Sales mode is always on using the iPad, meaning you are always connected and in control of the app. 

Let the buyers explore themselves

By using the iPad in sales mode, the sales team can demonstrate to the prospective buyers; 

  • the siteplan from all angles, zoom in and out as you wish
  • filter by budget, house style, bedrooms etc
  • peruse the house styles
  • view floorplans, dimensions and specifications
  • explore the local area via an interactive map
  • create a list of favourite plots helping to narrow down the selection
  • compare properties side by side
  • share your favourites


Share a favourites list or plot details via email, share link or QR code. The qr code generated is scanned by the viewer to load the app on to their phones. 

Allow the prospective buyer to explore themselves by sharing to their smart phone. They can leave with the app on their phones so they can view the site particulars from the comfort of their own home. 


Marmoset Air doesn't use casting technology, so there are no potential disconnections, network dips or set up issues. It is simply always connected seamlessly. 

Use your existing hardware

As Marmoset Air is controlled via a smart phone or iPad, you don't need to pay out for a touchscreen kiosk. We attach a small PC to any existing TV you may have set up. No complicated set up, and can be reused on multiple sites once the current one has ended. 

Head over to our case studies to read more about Rose Builders - Lawford Green. 

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