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More powerful digital brochures than ever before

Our bespoke digital brochures have proven popular in the property marketing industry so we're always looking for more ways to make them more beautiful, useful and user-friendly. We're adding a whole host of new features to give our digital brochures a little something extra, including:

Embed all kinds of media

The great thing about digital is you're not tied to static images and text. Our platform improvements now allow you to embed many different kinds of media. Now you can show off your best video content, image galleries and interactive 360 tours in amongst your other brochure content. 

Interactivity and motion

Our digital brochures are full of delight, with subtle animations that bring them to life, but even more importantly they can be highly interactive. We've added new ways to discover and display content as well as linking to other relevant pages in the app to keep buyers engaged and always able to find what they need.

Improved interface options

Along with plenty of updates to make your digital brochure pages shine we've also improved our user interface options. We now support multiple ways to navigate through our brochures which can be customised to your development's branding.

Share with a friend

Our brochures are shareable to any device via QR code, email or copying a link, making them a powerful tool for sales agents. Instead of spending large sums of money on traditional printed literature which is barely looked at why not just send a brochure straight to prospective buyer's smartphones for them to hold in their back pocket for later. With the added bonus that it's normally cheaper and better for the environment!

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