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Multiple publishing options to take your property marketing anywhere

There are a multitude of different ways your Marmoset app can be set up and published. Read below for more information on a most common uses:

1. Interactive native touchscreen apps in your marketing suite

Engage prospective home buyers in your marketing suites and show homes with interactive touchscreens and showcase detailed information about your development site plan and all of your off-plan properties.

Marmoset is flexible and can be built bespoke for your property marketing needs allowing you to integrate with 3D models and room lighting, you can even connect to smart context driven screens and control the entire room from one touchscreen device.

2. On your development website

Your Marmoset app or any of its modules can be embedded on a page on your existing website or can be hosted on a web friendly domain to use as a microsite for your development, giving you another great way of sharing your interactive with prospective home buyers after they leave your office.

3. Share and download to any device

Marmoset can also be provided as a progressive web app (PWA), which gives you the ability to share with customers, allowing them to view property details on any device after leaving your marketing suite. The PWA can also be downloaded to any device as an app, making it great for your sales agents to keep on their device for quick access.

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