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Our guide to selling new properties remotely

Despite recent events, we understand that developers still need to sell brand new homes.

When you buy a Marmoset progressive web app, we take your existing marketing material, and turn it into an app in just 2 weeks, so your staff can start selling remotely.

Your sales staff can download your Marmoset PWA by doing the following simple steps:

1) Simply enter the supplied URL into your Chrome browser.

2) Click the + button in the right hand side of the address bar.

3) Save your PWA to your desktop and your app icon will appear.

4) Clicking your PWA icon will open up your app in its own browser window. That's it - you're ready to share with buyers.

5) Screenshare with your potential buyers.

It's really easy for your sales staff to call customers using free and simple software, such as Discord, which allows them to screenshare within an audio call.

All they need to do is open up your PWA from their desktop, and they're ready to show potential buyers properties they might be interested in, and compare their floor plans, details and dimensions against eachother using the Marmoset compare feature.

They can show buyers around the site plan and show them available plots for their chosen property style.

They can also show customers around the local area and show them amenities relevant to them, like schools, shops and restaurants.

The Marmoset bespoke digital brochure feature also allows you to display important information within your app, like property specs and aftercare info.

2 week turnaround time.

Our unique architecture allows for rapid development, and a turnaround time of just 2 weeks, without any compromise on quality.

Please find our pricing here.

Check out our Hedgebourne Park demo here.

Keep calm and carry on selling homes.

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