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Visual property finder tools to showcase your homes

If you're looking for a more visual and interactive way for prospective home buyers to find their dream property on your development then look no further!

Our property finder tools allow users to immerse themselves into your development by using CGIs of your overall development siteplan as well as individual buildings.

Highlight plots and home styles

Highlighting individual plots on your development CGI is a great and simple way show off-plan home buyers your available properties and where they are within the context of the overall development. Using our powerful filters you can highlight or hide any available, reserved and sold plots.

Show key information

Visitors are able to view information about each property and home style by hovering over and tapping on plots. They will be able to see key details such as price, availability and size alongside the development visuals and can easily navigate between more detailed information for each of their chosen properties.

Explore from multiple viewpoints

Explore your development and buildings from multiple aspects, allowing users to get a contextual view of where their selected off-plan property resides.

Embed information hotspots

Include pins and icons on your development visualisations such as 'i' icons to open up more information about various parts of your property development using text, images, hyperlinks and video pop ups.

Fully supported on the web

Our property finder tools are all fully supported on the web so you can be confident that whether you're showcasing your development on the web or as a native app in your marketing suite the experience will be equally as impactful.

Request a free demo

If you’d like to find out more about how Marmoset could transform your off-plan property sales process please get in touch for your free no obligation demo at:

01206 489 630

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