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New: Options and choices feature

Right now we’re very excited here at Marmoset and it’s not because Christmas is round the corner. But what could be more exciting than Christmas you ask? Well, we have been sitting on one of our most exciting features yet; the options and choices module.

Options and choices allows you to immerse yourself and prospective buyers into your property setting and customise various elements such as walls and flooring; fittings and fixtures; layouts and appliances and much much more.

This powerful new feature has a few important elements you are going to want to take note of:

Immerse buyers with 360 view

The feature uses 360° CGIs of your property allowing you to fully submerge buyers into your chosen room settings and explore their dream design combinations from all angles.

Provide rich information with hotspots

Add hotspots to your virtual room setting to pinpoint room features you want to highlight or provide more detail on. Hotspots are flexible and can include text, images, videos and links; giving you plenty of room to present your development’s highlights.

Up to 1 billion combos

You can now impress clients with up to 1 billion combinations; a useful tool to help buyers visualise their new future home and inspire them by illustrating your configuration options before their very eyes.

Live demo

To see it in action, test a live demo here:

Live demo kitchen configurator

Modular build

Just like the rest of the Marmoset app, this feature is fully modular so we can support options and choices alongside all of our other app features.

Developed with our friends at TheFaction.

Request a free demo

If you’re interested in how options and features could work for you, get in touch today for your free no obligation demo at:

01206 489 630

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