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New: Updates to enhance the way you share content from the app

We've been working on a small but mighty update this month to improve sharing your property marketing materials from the Marmoset app.

What's new?

You now have the option to share content from across the app in a few different ways:

New content sharing options 

Send via email

When sharing a page on the app you have the option to generate an email which can be sent to yourself and one other person. Simply input the name and email address of each person you wish to send the page to and generate a friendly automatic email. This is a great way for your property sales team to share properties with prospective home buyers whilst also sending themselves a reminder email to themselves of they buyers they met with and which properties they were interested in.

Copy a link

If you're using our PWA on one of your devices you can now easily copy a direct link for your chosen content onto your device's clipboard, allowing you to send to a friend using your preferred messaging service such as SMS or social media. 

Generate a QR code

Visitors to your property marketing suite can now easily transfer pages from the app on your marketing suite screens onto their own devices. All they need to do is tap the QR code option to generate a unique QR code, open the camera on their own device and hold the QR code in view. This will show a popup on their phone, allowing them to open the app in their browser, giving them an easy way to take all of your property information away with them.

Easily share content across devices

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