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Customisable property sales types, for shared ownership, rental and more...

Many developers are now offering shared ownership properties and rent to buy schemes alongside privately sold properties and affordable homes allocations, as well as some properties being apportioned for for rental purposes. Our latest updates include tools to allow you to better differentiate and market off-plan homes for a variety of sales types.

Sales types and colour coding

With the latest updates you can display custom sales types for each plot, including 'shared ownership', 'rent to buy' and more. This gives prospective home buyers quick visibility of which properties are designated to be sold under certain schemes, rented or sold privately. This information can be found across the app on plot details pages as well as on our interactive site plans and property finder modules.

Pricing details

To give more details about pricing across the app we now also include the ability to add associated details to the price for each plot or style. For example on share to buy properties we can display information about the minimum share percentage or we can show prices per calendar month for rental properties.

Filter by sales type

To enable new home buyers to find suitable properties more easily they can now filter by sales type to ensure the properties they are viewing are under their desired scheme.

Budget calculators

We have also added some helpful calculator tools which can be enabled to allow users to explore their budgets and balance property share percentages and deposits alongside predicted rental prices as well as mortgage and affordability.

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