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Sleeker property comparison to maximise your marketing suite

Always seeking ways of improving the user experience when house shopping, our next focus was the property comparison feature. 

Up until now you could compare two different properties at once, but at Marmoset we don’t like limits… so we pushed the boundaries!

The comparison feature has expanded so that prospective buyers can now size up as many properties they desire, using sleek transitions and a clear view. Being able to consider more than one property at a time, viewing floor plans, dimensions and images across one screen makes choosing a home an enhanced experience in your marketing suite. 

We have developed this update with two viewing options to tie in nicely with the hardware you will be displaying it on and styled to your bespoke colours and design. 

Column View
Comparing in column view is best suited to kiosks and ipads where the user can swipe through the selected properties to compare side by side. Add/remove properties, add to favourites or share to narrow down the search for the perfect home. 

Grid View

When using wall mounted display screens, grid mode is preferred as it can clearly display four properties at once in one view. Both views operate across all platforms with the same information showing and capabilities so the choice is yours.

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