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Streetview has officially arrived for interactive site plans

That's right, it's official, streetview has now been added to our ever-powerful list of features for your interactive site plans. Watch our video below to get a taste of how the feature could look for your off-plan property marketing.

This new feature brings a greater level of interactivity to your site plan, allowing prospective home buyers a chance to take a virtual walk around your development to take in the neighbourhood. With our existing site plan features you can zoom in and explore house types and individual plots in high definition, giving a detailed look at the development as a whole. With streetview you can now explore in more detail and see homes in an even greater level of detail from all angles. 

After exploring the streets you will also be able to link up internal house tours, allowing you to 'walk' straight into your home and take a 360 tour inside.

Request a free demo

If you’d like to see how our streetview feature could work for your development you can book a free no obligation demo, or alternatively please use the contact details below to speak to our team:

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