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Using mounted tablets for your interactive property marketing suite

Adding interactive touchscreens to your marketing suite doesn't have to equal large screens and expensive hardware costs. With a large range of stands and mountings available it's easy to add fixed touchscreens to your space including floor-standing, wall-mounted and tabletop options. Whatever your property marketing setup there are a variety of reasons why you might want to consider using mounted tablet screens:

Multiple screens for multiple visitors

When you have multiple visitors in your marketing suite, you might benefit from having a larger number of one-person screens - as well as or instead of a small number of large touchscreens - giving more prospective home buyers the chance to interact with your property marketing materials simultaneously. 

Space saving

If you don't have the luxury of space, tablet screens are the perfect way to incorporate technology into your property marketing process. It's simple to attach an interactive screen to a wall or place a floor standing pillar in small spaces. Alternatively you could add a table top mounting to your sales desks, allowing your team to present all of your property details with ease.


Compared with large touchscreens a mounted tablet is very cost-effective (starting from around £600 which includes the tablet and mount!), meaning that creating a great interactive experience whilst keeping your marketing budget low is incredibly doable. 

Flexible setups for any property marketing suite

Marmoset is optimised to work seamlessly across any screen size and device, so whether you install a small tablet or a large touch table the experience will be equally as smooth. We are able to integrate with your existing devices or source hardware on your behalf, making our process simple and flexible.

To discuss your setup or find out more about how we can help digitise your marketing suite contact us at:

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