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6 benefits of digitising your property marketing suite

Many marketing suites utilise traditional 2D displays and whilst these types of displays certainly have their place we're here to let you know that digitising your marketing suite has incredible benefits to your sales team and can be done without breaking the bank!

Example of a traditional 2D marketing suite layout

Read on to find out our top 6 benefits to digitising your property marketing suite:

1. An enticing and interactive sales tool

There is just something about interactive and touch screen devices that is intrinsically enticing. The theatrical nature of a large kiosk screen and added elements of room interactions (such as 3D model lighting, VR headsets and connected screens) makes for an even greater experience that buyers will not be able to resist.

2. Utilise a range of media

As well as impressive photography and CGIs, digital marketing suite setups allow a whole load more ways to immerse your prospective buyers into your off-plan properties. We can embed anything from 360 tours, 3D interactive siteplans, interactive brochures, videos, VR and much more!

3. Easy to update and enhance

Unlike printed displays and literature, digital interactives can be updated at any time. This gives you the opportunity to continuously add and update property information. It also means you can add to your interactive suite of tools over time, for example adding VR headsets to your suite at any time or new modules for your app.

4. Share-ability

Our apps can all be supplied as a Progressive Web App (PWA) meaning that they can easily be shared from your large kiosk screens straight to the client's phone. This gives buyers something to walk away with in their pocket as well as sales agents a way of collating properties of interest and easily sending them across to interested parties.

The other benefit of a PWA is that it can be downloaded to any device, similarly to a native app, giving sales agents a way to keep a quick link on their own portable devices such as tablets and allowing them to have the app on hand whenever they need it.

5. Better for the environment

At Marmoset we are conscious of the environment and also aware that many house builders have a corporate responsibility for sustainability, so we make every effort to ensure we are managing data responsibly. On top of this, using less printed media reduces your environmental impact as well as reducing paper and plastic usage!

6. Save money

You might be surprised to learn that a digital interactive for your marketing suite can be more cost effective than printed media for many reasons:

  • We keep our setup costs low and often find they are comparable with print cost
  • Cost savings can be made over time if we are creating multiple apps with similar home styles, branding and layouts
  • Hardware such as kiosk screens can be re-used for future marketing suites

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