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The ultimate power of our real-time CMS

Our Content Management System (CMS) doesn't often get much time in the spotlight, but there's a lot of great stuff going on in the background that makes it a powerful piece of the property marketing puzzle. Here are just a few reasons that our real-time CMS is worth shouting about:

A single place to manage content 

The Marmoset CMS has been developed with a robust architecture that allows you to manage multiple instances of your app in one central location. This means that if you have both a native app and a progressive web app (PWA) you need only add or update information about your development and off-plan properties once.

Instant updates - blink and you'll miss it

Many traditional CMS platforms claim to update content in real-time, but when you experience a true real-time service you will probably notice a big difference. Updating information via our CMS is truly instant, you will notice the app changing immediately before your eyes as soon as you click the publish button; no need to restart or refresh a page. Not only that but navigating around the CMS is especially speedy too. If you're a frequent CMS user you may have experienced heavy CMS loading times making uploading and saving content as well as simply navigating around your system an arduous experience, however with our real-time CMS all actions are quick and easy, saving you a surprising amount of time and frustration.

Built specifically for property marketing

We know the importance of a reliable and easy to use CMS, so we decided early-on to build our CMS from the ground up. Many content management systems are built on the back of off-the-shelf CMS platforms and shoehorned to fit property marketing apps, which often makes them difficult to navigate and cumbersome to use. Our CMS has been built specifically for property marketing using our bespoke architecture, giving you exactly the features you need to keep your app up-to-date.

Custom branded

As with the rest of the app, your branding is also reflected in your CMS, including logo and colours. 

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