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Upgrade your property marketing suite with a fully interactive siteplan

Everything we do at Marmoset is geared towards making your off-plan property sales experience more seamless, engaging and enjoyable, whilst also being cost-effective and simple to get running. Our interactive siteplans are a great way to give your prospective home buyers a visual overview of your development layout whilst also being able to give detailed information about your properties, including:

  • Live availability statuses
  • Rich property style and plot information such as floorplans, specification, images and more
  • Plot finder tools, filtering by style, size, price, availability and other property features

Choose from one of two interactive siteplan options

There's an option to suit every property marketing suite, both of which come with the above as well as our full set of off-plan property marketing app features

Real-time 3D siteplan

Our real-time 3D siteplans are created using 8k CGIs of your overall housing development, giving you:

  • A complete aerial view of the development to explore in 360 degrees
  • Full exploration of the development at any angle by panning, zooming, rotating and moving in any direction
  • High quality CGIs allowing you to get close up to each plot and view the finer details
  • Key information about each plot and house style without leaving the siteplan by tapping a property
  • Embedded animated fly-throughs within the siteplan, to create automatic guided tours 
  • All other marmoset app features

Real-time 3D interactive siteplan being used on a touchscreen kiosk

2D interactive siteplan

In our 2D interactive siteplans we take your existing siteplan and mark out tappable icons on each plot, giving you a simple and effective interactive which will do the following:

  • Show an overview of your development layout
  • Allow users to select a property and view key information about the plot and property style without leaving the siteplan
  • Includes all other marmoset app features

An interactive 2D siteplan in Broadmeadow Park's marketing suite

Request a free demo

If you’d like to find out more about how our interactive siteplans could transform your off-plan property sales process please get in touch for your free no obligation demo at:

01206 489 630

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