Explore your development with a 3D interactive model

Marmoset 3D allows you to visualise your entire development siteplan and view it from any angle. Easily move around your complete aerial view as well as zooming in and exploring a closer view of individual plots.

Show detailed property information on your model 

Your 3D model can also be combined with our other Marmoset solutions, giving you the option to display key details about each property alongside the interactive model as well as navigating to see more comprehensive information.

Marmoset 3D benefit

Allow prospective buyers to view the development in true 3D

Fly though a development, exploring all angles and vantage points

All the core features of Marmoset fully supported, including floor plans, galleries and videos

How could Marmoset 3D be used in your marketing setup?

As Marmoset 3D can connect with our other products we can be creative and flexible with your marketing suite set up. See below examples of screen configurations that can be implemented.

Standalone interactive 3D siteplan

Users can explore your 3D siteplan on a large touchscreen. They are able to select properties from the siteplan to see more information about each plot or style all on one easy to use screen as well as viewing brochures videos and image galleries. 

Context driven 3D model linked to Marmoset app

Instead of users interacting directly with the 3D siteplan we can use a connected device, such as a tablet, running the Marmoset app. As users interact with the tablet app the 3D model will move and highlight plots based on interactions with the app.

Interactive 3D siteplan linked to context driven screens

As users interact with your 3D siteplan on a large touchscreen kiosk, context driven screens automatically show information about plots or styles, based on various interactions with the kiosk screen. This can be anything from details and dimensions, images, videos and digital brochures.

Our popular solutions

Marmoset is flexible and customisable to suit the needs of your marketing suite, find out more about our popular solutions below. 

Property marketing suite touch screen apps

We specialise in immersive touchscreen experiences for your property marketing suite.

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Marmoset Air

Run our rich immersive apps on non-touch screen hardware, via a phone or tablet. 

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Property microsites and digital brochures

Bespoke digital experiences to guide prospective buyers through your marketing material and save brochure print costs.

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Explore our modules & features

Our solutions can be used interchangeably and share a common set of features. Explore our features list to see our standard feature set.

Property finder

Room configurator

See all of our features

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