This opens up the possibility to utilise existing screens, as well as break away from the restraints of a touch screen i.e screen can be any size, and does not need to be physically accessible.

It’s not simply casting the app, nor is it a remote control - It is so much more powerful than that! Marmoset Air works in harmony with the screen, with different setups for different applications, such as public access or employee controlled. 

Significant cost savings

See cost savings by transforming your existing screens into a fully interactive property marketing experience. Display pricing, availability, floor plans, views, compare mode and more with no complicated installs or extra hardware costs.

Faster sales

A combination of faster, and pre-launch, releases are leading to off-plan sales earlier than ever before. With our run anywhere approach you can sell off-plan from any location utilising any display. 

Enhanced customer experience

Marmoset Air can be accessed by anyone with a phone by scanning a QR code or simply tapping an NFC sticker. Alternatively, it can be used in employee mode to provide a slick presentation via a staff tablet.

Public mode

Allow visitors to your marketing suite to connect and control the app by a simple scan of a QR code.
At the end of their visit, they have the full app on their phone to take home with them. 

Sales agent mode

Choose to stay connected to the main screen via an iPad or phone that the sales team can use as a tool to guide prospective buyers around the siteplan. 

And it doesn't stop there...

+ No limits on screen size

Tile screens on a wall, use a projector, have a tabletop screen or use an existing screen that is installed... Marmoset Air works with any screen.

+ Accessible from outside

By using a phone to control the app, you can place a screen facing the window so any interest your development may get outside of operating hours can be accessed through the window. No complicated tech necessary!

+ Capture data

By introducing a simple form to access the app you can gain the interested parties information, and with permission, you can get in touch.

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