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Morris Meadows by One Vision Housing has launched!

We are celebrating our second app launch with One Vision Housing in less than a month! Morris Meadows is an impressive development of over 90 houses as well as a large apartment block.

The app includes 16k resolution CGIs of the 3D site plan from three key viewpoints. This interactive home selector gives prospective home buyers an external view around the development along with property selector tools, such as:

  • Plot selection with key information about each property
  • Explore properties in more detail including specifications and dimensions, floor plans and galleries
  • Advanced filtering to isolate relevant properties, including number of bedrooms, price, size, availability, sales type and more
  • Rotation around different viewpoints to see homes from multiple angles
  • Streetview tour of the entire development
  • Custom opening page
  • Local area map

To find out more watch our video below or check out our case study to find out more. You can also view the app in all it's glory here:

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