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Our 5 most common marketing suite setups

With a variety of device setup options as well as multiple publishing options available Marmoset is flexible enough to cover all of your digital property marketing suite needs. Here are some of our most popular marketing suite setups to date:

1. Kiosk screens in your marketing suite

One of our most popular setups is the interactive kiosk screen. Kiosk screens give your property sales agents a large visual screen to showcase property information to marketing suite visitors as well as a highly engaging experience for buyers exploring your show room.

2. Wall or plinth mounted touchscreens

Another popular option is for a touchscreen to be wall mounted or shown on a plinth upon entry to your development or marketing suite to showcase your homes and give visitors an instant way to visualise and understand the development site plan and your properties.

3. Self-serving tablet screens

Install the app on small touch devices to allow multiple prospective home buyers to browse your property information simultaneously or attach a rotatable tablet screen to sales desks to give agents an easy information hub when discussing homes. Mounted tablet setups are also a great way of bringing a digital interactive into a small space, so if you don't have the space for a large kiosk screen this could be the setup for you.

4. Remote screen control via handheld devices

We also connect tablets to various screens to act as a controller, this setup enables sales agents to control and present development details in an engaging way using a portable handheld device.

5. Screens integrated into exhibition stands and show homes

To create the ultimate immersive experience integrate touchscreens into your exhibition stands or even utilise the existing TV screens in your show homes to present your property details to visiting buyers.

Even more ways to make your setups stand out

As well as these popular setups we also include 3D model lighting and room lighting in many of our installs as well as connected context driven screens, showing related images and videos depending on what part of the app you are interacting with.

We can also publish the app as PWA meaning it can be shared to any device. The PWA can be downloaded to the home screen of your sales agent's devices for easy access as well as being used to give buyers property information to take away with them and peruse at a later date.

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