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Our latest update

At Marmoset we're committed to constantly improving our products to make the experience of selling off-plan properties easier and more delightful. Our latest app update includes a few exciting new features that you will want to take note of:


The favourite feature is integrated across the app, meaning you can now easily compile a list of your favourite plots and home styles as you browse through the off-plan marketing app.

Sharing favourites

Prospective home buyers can now visit your property marketing suite and leave with their favourites homes sent straight to their email address to access and peruse at a later time, as well as sharing with friends and family members. It also gives sales agents the opportunity to compile lists of suitable properties prior to meeting and allows the process of selling and discussing properties to continue smoothly without needing to meet in person.

Metric and imperial units 

You can now toggle between metric and imperial measurement units across the app with one easy switch, found in your settings. These measurement units apply themselves across the app on floor plans and room dimensions giving you the option of how you display the total area of you plots.

Context driven lighting

Our context driven lighting gives you the option to add smart lighting to your room setup that can change colour based on interactions with different areas in the app, such as house styles, plot availability and other property features, giving new home buyers a truly immersive experience. Find out more about context driven lighting.

Performance and stability improvements

Alongside the new additions we have also released a number of performance and stability updates to give you a smoother overall off-plan house selling experience.

Your feedback is always welcome

We are always interested to know what our users think, so if you have any feedback on areas you'd like us to improve or new features that would help with your off-plan property sales please speak to your account manager or get in touch at: 
01206 489 630

Post by Yasmin