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Utilising new technology to sell off-plan homes

Selling the dream of a new build home that is yet to exist will always have its challenges. With the help of existing and emerging technologies we are able to find new creative ways to attract prospective buyers and give them the confidence to reserve their new home long before the ground has even been broken.

At Marmoset we work at the forefront, exploring new technologies to bring you an ever-growing list of features for your property marketing suites. Some of our best features to help provide an immersive selling experience include:

Image: Touchtable with interactive site plan

Large touchscreen experiences

As experts in large touchscreen experiences we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to engaging home-buyers in a user-friendly format as well as giving your sales agents the tools they need at their fingertips. Large touchscreens give a sense of novelty to your marketing suite; time and time again we see people walking by our kiosks that can't resist playing with the big shiny screen! Our apps have the added bonus of working across any screen-size and can encompass any kind of property marketing materials you need, just talk to our team to organise a demo of what kind of things we could do to suit your development!

Model lighting controls

Our lighting module makes it easy to control any lighting system in your physical models. We can easily link lights in your 3D architectural model to your touchscreen device to light individual buildings, plots and house types when interacted with in the app.

Image: Models at Evergreen by Clarion Housing and Twickenham Gateway by Solum

Context driven screens and room lighting

As well as model lighting our apps can support many other context driven interactions to connect your marketing suite experience. With the use of smart lighting we can light any part of the room using strips of LEDs in a variety of colours, so that when a user interacts with your touchscreens you can switch lights on or off and change colours dependant on context. We can do the same thing with multiple linked screens, showing additional content such as context triggered videos, images and brochure content appearing at the opportune moment, to surround your marketing suite visitor with everything they need to see.

Lift and learn technology

To add even more interactivity into your marketing suite we can include what we call 'lift and learn technology'. This works by adding sensors to physical objects in your marketing suite, which when touched or moved will trigger your screen(s) to show contextual information and visuals. This can work well for things like flooring samples, whereby picking up a physical section of flooring will bring up images of floors in-situ along with key information about the materials.

Room configurators

To engage buyers more with your home interiors we can create 360 views of each room and allow them to change and select various materials in the room to customise rooms to their tastes. We support up to 1 billion combinations per room, so you can be sure that your virtual rooms can be made as personalise-able as you need. Find out more about our room configurators here.

Image: Kitchen configurator 

Rich media options

Your marketing materials go a long way in giving home buyers a feel for your home and our apps can accommodate all types of media to ensure all the key imagery, tours and details can be explored on screen.

3D interactive site plans and building explorers

One of our most popular features across our apps are interactive site plans and visual building explorers. These interactive solutions allow you to explore your development from any angle and select homes and points of interest directly from your 3D visuals, with key details overlaid.

Image: Interactive site plan for One Vision Housing

VR tours

VR tours are one of the best ways to plunge your customers into their new neighbourhood or home. Allow them to take a virtual walk around the neighbourhood and even into a simulated show home with computer generated 360 tours. We also support hands-free interaction using gaze control, to allow users to explore more naturally. 

Interactive brochures

Using a Marmoset interactive brochure to either replace or compliment your physical printed literature has many benefits, including being more environmentally friendly (less printing and paper!), lower costs compared with print, easy to update any time, shareable to customer's devices and giving you the ability to include engaging and dynamic content such as clickable elements, videos, animations. Find out more about our interactive brochures here.

Image: Various bespoke interactive brochures

CGIs, photography, videos and tours

Utilise all of your existing CGI, photographic and video media as well as embedding existing 360 tours such as Matterport into your app to bring the development to life!

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If you’d like to see how Marmoset could work for your development you can book a free no obligation demo, or alternatively please use the contact details below to speak to our team:

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