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VR streetview tours from our interactive site plans

You may have seen our recent addition of streetview to the Marmoset suite of features, but did you know we can now also create VR tours for your marketing suite?

Our VR tours use the latest technology to bring a fast and reliable immersive experiences to your property marketing suite. Some of the features that sets our system apart:

Explore the entire development in VR

Bring a virtual reality experience to your marketing suite to allow prospective home buyers to immerse themselves into their new neighbourhood. Use with Oculus Go, Quest & Rift, Pico, Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard headsets to showcase your off-plan properties before the ground has even been broken. We manage the commercial VR headsets in full kiosk mode removing any complexity and allowing you to simply switch your devices on and go.

Fast and smooth even without an internet connection

You can store complete tours on your device to watch them without the need for an internet connection. Locally stored tours are loaded very fast. Improve the VR experience with shorter load times!

Real-time screen syncing

Run an identical tour on-screen and synchronise head movement for real-time, high quality display.

Gaze control for hands-free interaction

Move to a new area of the development using gaze control and remove the need for handsets. Users can simply point their head to an area they wish to move to and automatically 

Request a free demo

If you’d like to see how our interactive site plans and VR tours could work for your development you can book a free no obligation demo, or alternatively please use the contact details below to speak to our team:

01206 489 630

Post by Ryan