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Why we prefer native apps for your marketing suite

It can be tempting to think a web app is good enough for your property marketing suite. Maybe you have a micro-site or PWA and would like to run this in the marketing suite too? Whilst we are big proponents of the web, and every Marmoset order includes a PWA (progressive web app) for promotion over the web, this is not the ideal solution for your marketing suite. 

Marketing suite apps often run on large screens with temperamental internet connections. They're also required to be run in kiosk mode and are often integrated with on-site hardware such as model lighting. All of this can mean a web based app can struggle to give the optimal experience. 

Consider load times, animation frame rates, patchy internet, and requirement for hi-res graphics and then a native app makes more sense in this environment. With native apps we can ensure 60fps for smooth animations. We can pre-cache your most important assets to ensure no flickers and quick loads. We're also light on your network traffic, only accessing it if an asset has been updated, otherwise always using a local cached copy. Often if your internet connection goes down, or slows, with Marmoset you won't even notice it. Our apps will use the local cache and work seamlessly until internet is resumed. At that stage it will sync any changes with your bespoke CMS, if required, all without a flicker or a loading spinner!

Broadmeadow Park property marketing suite kiosk app

Marmoset has been optimised for kiosk installs, ensuring you have a guaranteed experience all the time, every time. This is also fully backed up by our extensive service level agreement designed for marketing suites.

Broadmeadow Park marketing suite compare mode

Outside of the marketing suite, don't forget you'll have our PWA which is built from the latest web technologies. This allows easy sharing with customers, quick light loads on any device, and install to home screen for your remote sales agents. The key to the best experience is using the right technology in the right place, giving you the best of both worlds with no compromise.

Post by Ryan